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Park City Initiative Corp. aims to make a difference One Meal, One Family and One Block at a time by extending the Heart of God to the Heart of the city equipping families with tools to improve their quality of life. Our mission is to consistently procure and provide quality food to those in need, relevant resources to help families become more self-sufficient and life coaching that inspires individuals to keep moving forward despite life’s challenges.


Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry – The Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry provides emergency meals to low-to-moderate families that are food insecure.  Families are able to shop on a weekly basis. We provide groceries for families to prepare balanced meals for their families.

Park City Kidz – The Park City Kidz program is a mobile unit that provides that goes into neighborhoods and community parks to provide after school fun, entertainment and life-skills training for children ages 5-12. The visitation component provides resources for the whole family.

Adopt –A-Block – The Adopt-A-Block program is a neighborhood beautification program that organizes teams of volunteers to clean blighted city blocks. 

Resource Advocacy Program – The Resource Advocacy program partners with other community agencies to seek out resources to help our families become economically stable.  We provide self-help workshops, healthy eating initiatives and life coaching. A future goal of this program is to provide transitional/supportive housing for men/women and adults with children.

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