In honor of Hartford Health Care/St. Vincent's Medical Center's One Year Anniversary, the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry was awarded $50,000.00 donation to assist in its work to provide nutritious food, education and resources to families in our community. Special

THANK YOU to Jeffrey A. Flaks, president and chief executive officer of Hartford HealthCare, Vincent DiBattista, Senior Vice President for Hartford HealthCare and President of the Fairfield Region and William Hoey, Vice President, Mission Integration St. Vincent's for this incredible gift bestowed upon Park City Initiative Corp. Thank you Lord!


One hundred seventy plus volunteers under the leadership of Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry’s Director, Sharon Peterson sacrificed their lives during the thick of COVID19 to pack and deliver food to be given to our communities most vulnerable.  The care, love and compassion that continues to be shown does not go unnoticed. Thank you to Senator Richard Blumenthal and Frank Recchia, channel 12 for highlighting the phenomenal work conducted by all of the BJWFP volunteers. 

The Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry incredible volunteers continue providing genuine care and nutritious food amidst COVID-19 crisis. Pantry distribution increased by over 300 families during the months of March and April bringing the number of families served on a weekly basis to over 600. (view video above)

People are so grateful for the incredible staff, volunteers and those who donate to help during these difficult times.  Here are a few examples:


750,000 lbs. of food

IN 2019



396,000 MEALS

15,600 families

IN 2019


Healthy Lifestyle Changes 

Employment/Credit Repair 

Home Ownership

Family food budgets are often the first to be cut, reducing both the amount of quality of food in many households and putting people in situations of food insecurity and hunger. In 2018, we made changes to the way pantry operates in order to accommodate the growing need.  Families are now able to shop every week if desired in an effort to increase their ability to become economically stable.



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