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What We Do

Meeting basic needs today. Restoring hope for tomorrow. Transforming lives forever.

One Meal

Every meal serves as the first step towards meaningful life change. Our pantry does more than fill plates—it opens doors to new possibilities and support networks for those we serve.

One Child

At Park City Kidz, each program is a chapter in a child's journey of growth and discovery. 

One Block

PCY ACTS is where Park City's youth evolve into leaders, equipped with job skills and a bold vision for the future.

Get Help Now

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Your Support Creates Impact!


Dive into the heart of your community by volunteering with us! At Park City Initiative, every volunteer moment is a step towards profound community transformation. From nourishing families at the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry to inspiring young minds through our youth programs, your effort creates ripples of change. Why join us? Because here, your time doesn’t just fill hours; it fills hearts and fuels hope.

Partner With Us

Unlock the power of your contribution! When you partner with us, you're not just donating; you're investing in a community where every individual has the chance to thrive. From feeding families through the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry to empowering our future leaders via youth programs, your support turns visions of hope and growth into reality. Why partner with us? Because your generosity becomes the foundation of sustainable change, creating a stronger, more resilient community.

Share Your Story

Every story, every shared meal, every moment of impact holds the essence of what makes our community vibrant and strong. At Park City Initiative, your personal journey is a beacon of inspiration and connection. Whether it’s a testimonial, a   recipe, or the transformative effect of our programs on your life, your unique voice illuminates paths of resilience and hope, knitting us closer as a community.

Lend your voice, share your story, and inspire others today.

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