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Our Story

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From Roots To Wings

Our Roots

Park City Initiative Corp. exists because of one woman’s cry for help! In 1999, the late Bishoip Jean Williams asked her daughter Mary Green, Park City Initiative's Executive Director, to help her get more food to give to the families that would come to her for help. In response to her mother’s request, Mary contacted the Connecticut Food Bank, now known as CT Foodshare, and a partnership was formed to begin securing more food.

Our Journey

1999: A Partnership is Born
  • In response to a heartfelt request from the late Bishop Jean Williams, her daughter Mary Green, Executive Director of PCI, collaborates with the Connecticut Food Bank, now known as CT Foodshare laying the foundation for what would become the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry.

2003: Empowering the Youth
  • The launch of Metro Kidz Mobile Outreach marks a significant milestone, quickly impacting over 500 children weekly with interactive sessions, fun, and games.

2004: Expanding Our Reach
  • Park City Initiative Corp. steps up as an "Access to Recovery" provider, offering crucial support to ex-offenders and individuals battling substance abuse. In addition, PCI begins receiving funding from United Way of Coastal Fairfield County to offer resource advocacy to participants who shop at the pantry. Families received assistance with eviction prevention, and utility shut-off prevention, and children received school uniforms.

2007: Building Capacity and Community
  • A $10,000 grant from the City of Bridgeport fuels our growth, while the "Adopt-A-Block" program begins transforming neighborhoods one block at a time.

2014: Fighting Hunger, Sparking Change
  • A $15,000 award from the Walmart campaign enables the purchase of our first refrigerated truck, enhancing our food distribution capabilities.

2018: A Milestone Year
  • With 686,000 pounds of food secured and over 340,000 meals distributed, we celebrate a year of abundant giving and support.

2020: Honoring Our Heroes
  • At the peak of the pandemic, our PCI COVID-19 volunteers receive recognition from Senator Richard Blumenthal and Frank Recchia of NEWS 12 for their unwavering dedication and service. 

2021: PCI Receives Major Donations
  • Hartford Healthcare awards PCI $50,000 

  • First County Bank awards PCI $5,000.00

2022: Summer Camp (S.C.A.M.P) Launched
  • We launched our first-ever summer camp, S.C.A.M.P., offering campers a summer filled with learning and fun—at no cost. Thanks to our community partners, we made unforgettable adventures accessible, from museum explorations to theme park thrills.

2023: Breaking New Ground
  • A landmark year as we served over one million meals, launched the Park City Youth ACTS program, and inaugurated the PCK Academy for after-school tutoring.

2023: Celebrating 20 Years & A Big Move
  • Last year, we celebrated a huge milestone – 20 years of service to our community. We also made a big move to a new, larger home at 3160 Park Avenue. It's been an incredible journey, and this new space marks the beginning of even more amazing things ahead!

As we continue our journey from roots to wings, your support plays a vital role in helping us soar to new heights. Join us in our mission and become a part of our growing legacy. Discover how you can contribute to our future by getting involved today.


As we journey from our roots to spreading our wings, your support is the wind beneath them. Whether it's lending a hand at the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry, empowering our youth, or joining one of our many initiatives, every volunteer moment is a step toward a brighter future. Together, let's soar to new heights and make a lasting impact in our community.

Partner With Us

Partner with Park City Initiative and make a direct impact in your community. Your support goes beyond a simple donation; it's an investment in a brighter future. With every contribution, you help provide essential services through the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry, nurture our youth, and empower individuals with the resources they need to thrive. Together, we can turn hope into action and build a resilient community that lifts everyone up. Your generosity is the cornerstone of positive change—join us in our mission to transform lives.

Share Your Story

Every story and shared experience is what makes our community vibrant and strong. At Park City Initiative, we value your journey and the connections it fosters. Share your testimonial, a favorite recipe, or how being part of our programs has impacted your life. Your voice is a source of inspiration, weaving us closer together as a community. Share your story with us and inspire others today.

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