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Action for Community Transformation & Service

Park City Youth Acts is shaping the next generation of community leaders. Our youth lead tutoring at Park City Kids Academy, step up as youth counselors at SCAMP (Summer Camp for Arts, Mind, and Play), and focus on outreach with Park City Mobile. This program is hands-on, teaching valuable skills and making a real difference in our community. We're on a mission to inspire and empower, looking for partners and supporters who believe in our youth's potential to transform Bridgeport for the better.


What We Offer

Join Our Team

Let's Make a Difference Together! Are you passionate about making a positive impact in your community? Park City Youth Acts is looking for enthusiastic young individuals to join our team. By becoming part of our program, you'll lead, inspire, and create change alongside peers who share your drive. From tutoring at Park City Kids Academy to engaging in outreach with Park City Mobile, your participation will help shape a brighter future for Bridgeport. Let's empower each other and our community – join us today!

Lead A Clean-Up

Partner with Us for a Clean Sweep: Lead the Charge in Community Cleanups! Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make a visible difference? Park City Youth Acts is seeking partners to lead clean-up initiatives in our streets and neighborhoods. By collaborating with us, you'll be at the forefront of fostering a cleaner, healthier environment for all of Bridgeport. It's more than just a cleanup; it's a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable community. Join us in leading the way!

Train Our Leaders

Train Our Leaders: Share Your Expertise with Tomorrow's Changemakers! Calling all community leaders and nonprofits: Park City Youth Acts needs your wisdom and skills. We're looking for experienced individuals to lead training sessions for our youth, covering essential life skills like resume writing, interview preparation, financial literacy, and more. Your guidance can shape the leaders of tomorrow, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Join us in empowering our youth with knowledge and confidence.

Get Involved Today!

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