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We Are Park City Initiative 

We are committed to providing pathways of hope that lead to real solutions
One Meal, One Child, One Block at a time. 

Welcome to the heart of Park City Initiative, where we're more than just one of Fairfield County's largest food pantries — we're a family dedicated to uplifting our Bridgeport community. Here, we believe in nurturing not just bodies, but minds and spirits too. Our journey with every individual, especially children and families, starts early. We're committed to prevention, helping to steer lives towards brighter paths. Our array of programs, from providing nourishing meals to engaging young minds, is a testament to our passion for real change. Join us, as we work hand-in-hand to sow seeds of hope and positivity, transforming our community one heart at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help transform Bridgeport and neighboring communities by decreasing food insecurity, aiding families in crisis, and breaking generational cycles of poverty.


Our Vision

We envision a community where the heart of God is woven into the very fabric of our city, breaking the cycle of need and fostering resilience and positive change for generations to come. 

Our Partners

Together, We Make a Bigger Difference

We are grateful for our strategic partnerships and generous donors who are the cornerstone of our success. By collaborating with local businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions, we're able to amplify our efforts against food insecurity and champion holistic community growth. These relationships not only enhance our programs but also strengthen the fabric of our community.

Stay connected with us through our community bulletin board for the latest news on events and initiatives with our valued partners.

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Our People

20 Years Strong, Thanks to Our Volunteers!

For two decades, our amazing volunteers have been the backbone of our mission. Their dedication has powered our journey, making every success possible. Check out our photo gallery to see the faces of kindness and teamwork that have shaped our story.


Our commitment extends beyond meeting immediate needs; we envision a future where every individual has the chance to reach their full potential. Help us turn this dream into action.

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